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MMND Engineering

MMND Engineering

Who we are

MMND Engineering is a 100% Black owned South African based company established in 2010, a level 1 BEE company. MMND Engineering is a full-service provider of Electrical Distribution and Power Generation, Mechanical Systems, Mining, and Railroad Technical Service. MMND engineering operates with highest integrity and passion, adheres to the highest technical standards and achievements in the industry thus enabling clients to achieve their goals beyond industry expectations. We have built a local presence, a strong brand, and deep customer relationships across South Africa. MMND is proud to serve as true partners in growth and development — offering resources and experience, investing in local talent and supply chain.


MMND engineering strives to be recognized as one of the leading world class engineering enterprises in South Africa and abroad whilst promoting, fostering, encouraging the development and transfer of skills to communities.


MMND engineering’s mission drives the company towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a world class engineering company that will succeed in this ever-dynamic industry through the delivery of quality services. The cornerstone of our existence and success is in the development of a winning team that will understand the needs of the people, generate new opportunities and solving development problems. We seek to achieve this by optimizing time, cost and quality aspects of any project through the provision of opportunities to disadvantaged communities for the following.
  • Significant public participation of the communities where our projects are established
  • Creation and development of industry related skillsJob creation within these communities


At MMND Engineering we have set a culture that is comprised of the following essential core values.

  • Accountability – A practise of our corporate governance, we are answerable to our work ethics and the delivery of quality products and services.
  • Trust – Committed to build confidence in our clients, through open and clear communication.
  • Cemented teamwork – We believe in combined action between employees and a cemented workable relationship between us and the client.
  • Customer Centered – We have a unique system designed to put our client’s needs first, listen to the client’s pain points and alleviate the problem.
  • Speed and Excellence – With every project we offer a speedy service delivery and excellent workmanship.
  • Safe Culture – Safety comes first; our Zero Deviation Plan process is designed in a way to minimise accidents.


We find great pride in our investment of human capital within the company. The quality of service rendered by each employee, focus and commitment that does not go unnoticed has been the backbone of MMND Engineering. The breadth of the experience gained over the years by all employees can be seen through the projects we have undertaken and successfully completed.

It is a fundamental principle of MMND engineering that all projects are structured to facilitate the transfer of skills and technology. The rural community will technically be enriched and empowered as a result of working with MMND engineering. We believe that the above broader concept of skills transfer and meaningful empowerment is both excellent and essential.

Service Excellence And Quality Delivery

Customer satisfaction is paramount, we achieve this through service excellence and quality delivery. MMND en-dorses and practise quality management system based on international acceptable standards. The quality systems have been designed to provide the assurance that require effort, equipment and procedures. Management system in practice is geared towards satisfying the overall quality objectives of this company.

The focal point of this company is excellence and quality. The quality system will be in form of: